Should You See An Orthodontist Or A Normal Dentist?

Adjusting Dental Braces

SDC regulates Dentistry in Singapore

In Singapore, the dental profession is regulated by the Singapore Dental Council (SDC), which is responsible for ensuring that all dental practitioners meet certain standards of education, training, and ethical conduct. One important component of this regulatory framework is the Dental Specialist Register, which is a list of dental specialists who have been recognized by the SDC as having met the highest standards of expertise and training in their respective fields. Among the specialties included in this register is orthodontics, which is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. 

Dental Specialist Register Raises Quality Of Care

The inclusion of orthodontists in the Dental Specialist Register has been instrumental in raising the quality of dental care in Singapore. By ensuring that only highly trained and qualified specialists are allowed to provide orthodontic treatment, the SDC has helped to prevent unqualified practitioners from offering substandard care that can result in serious dental problems. For example, in 2019, a news report in Singapore highlighted the case of a woman who had received braces from a beauty salon that was offering orthodontic treatment without proper training or qualifications. The woman suffered from severe dental problems as a result of the treatment, which had caused her teeth to become loose and painful.

Such cases underscore the importance of ensuring that only qualified and experienced orthodontists are allowed to provide orthodontic treatment. By requiring orthodontists to meet rigorous standards of education, training, and experience, the Dental Specialist Register helps to ensure that patients receive safe and effective care that meets the highest standards of quality. In addition, by providing a framework for ongoing professional development and continuing education, the Register helps to ensure that orthodontists stay up-to-date with the latest advances in their field, and are able to provide the most effective and appropriate treatments for their patients.

The benefits of the Dental Specialist Register for orthodontics are not limited to ensuring that patients receive high-quality care. The Register also helps to promote the professional status of orthodontists, by recognizing their expertise and training in the field. This, in turn, helps to attract more highly qualified individuals to the profession, and encourages existing orthodontists to continue to develop their skills and knowledge. By promoting a culture of excellence and professionalism in the field of orthodontics, the Register helps to ensure that patients receive the best possible care, and that the profession continues to advance and grow.

In conclusion, the Dental Specialist Register for orthodontics in Singapore is an important component of the regulatory framework for dental care in the country. By ensuring that only highly trained and qualified orthodontists are allowed to provide treatment, the Register helps to prevent substandard care and promote the highest standards of quality in the field. This, in turn, benefits patients by ensuring that they receive safe and effective care that meets their needs, and helps to promote the professional status of orthodontists in Singapore. With the ongoing support and development of the Dental Specialist Register, Singapore can continue to provide world-class dental care to its citizens and visitors alike.

So What’s The Difference Between An Orthodontist And A Normal Dentist?

1. Qualifications

While orthodontists must have a degree in orthodontics to practice as a specialist, such criteria are not required for normal dentists. So a normal dentist can start doing braces as long as he feels confident. So seeing an orthodontist assures that the person putting braces for you is properly trained.

2. Experience

It takes 3 years of rigorous training to qualify as an orthodontist which includes treating complex cases to prepare them for the real world. After that, most orthodontists focus on their area of specialty. So that’s what most orthodontist do day in day out – dental braces. This gives them ample expericen to really hone their skills. In contrast, you may be the second person the normal dentist is putting braces on for. Normal dentists also spend their time doing a range of other dental procedures and are not focused on orthodontics. So you could they are a “jack of all trades” while an orthodontist is a “master” at dental braces.

3. Treatment Success

This ties in with to their training and experience. While a normal dentist can, in theory, do as good a job as an orthodontist (or even better), you would expect a higher level of care from someone with more training and experience. This can impact several areas of your treatment including:

  • Getting a sound treatment plan. This includes avoiding unneccesary extractions and extracting the correct teeth when needed.
  • Treatment experience. Because an orthodontist does the same thing everyday, you should expect that your every session will go more smoothly and comfortably. Dentistry is a very hand-on field, so the more one has done a procedure, the better he can execute it.
  • Treatment staging. That is, “when to do what”. This ensure that your treatment progresses efficiently so you can get your braces off asap and start showing off your new smille!
  • Troubleshooting. Orthodontists are exposed to more cases and hence more problems that arise duing treatment. They are also trained to manage complex cases. Hence, they would be expected to skilled in solving any problems during your braces journey. Sometimes, normal dentists may even refer cases to specialists if they have problems beyond their capabilities.

4. Cost

In general, you expect a higher level of expertise when you see a specialist. So, as with the medical field, your normally have to pay a lot when you see a specialist. But not anymore! At Bracesaurus, we stand out from the competition by offering Specialist Orthodontic Care at one of the lowest prices in Singapore.

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