Affordable Dental Braces in Singapore

One of the cheapest braces in Singapore

Dental braces are popular with students in Singapore. Many students looking for braces often have a tight budget. They might also find it hard to pay a large deposit at the start of treatment. 

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. At Bracesaurus, we differentiate ourselves from the competition by offering one of the cheapest student braces in Singapore. But wait, not only are our prices easier on your pocket, we are a braces specialist clinic. This means that we only do braces. Your entire treatment will be under the care of a highly trained Orthodontist. 

Read our guide to student braces in Singapore.

So what is the cheapest type of braces?

If you want to straighten your teeth on a tight budget, go for regular metal braces. These are always the cheapest option in any clinic. Not only is it more affordable than other braces, it is the most effective. This is one of the rare situations where something is good AND cheap. So it is not surprising that it is the most popular type of braces in the world. The downside? Metal braces are the most visible. So if you want something discreet, consider other options. But the good thing is, most students don’t mind the metal appearance. In our experience treating thousands of students, many even prefer metal braces because they get to personalize their braces by choosing coloured rubber bands to tie over them.   

Zoom in: Metal Braces Prices

What affects your braces prices?

Our braces prices vary with age groups (psst…so you don’t really need to be a student). Complex cases will also cost more, but these prices are applicable to most cases that walk through our door.

Fees for metal braces based on age (routine cases)

16 years old and below 

First consultation $40-80

Braces Treatment Fee $3150 ($210 x 15)

Basic Retainers (one jaw) $100

17-21 years old

First consultation $40-80

Braces Treatment Fee $3375 ($225 x 15)

Basic Retainers (one jaw) $100

Transparent braces prices

Some cases may cost more due to their complexity. But don’t worry, we will always tell you your fees before starting treatment. 

No down payment dental braces

We also understand that large deposits are hard on your pocket. So we have done away with that. You usually only need make a larger payment at the start if you choose a different braces system other than metal braces, eg self ligating braces.

What does your fees include?

Dental records

Digital X rays

Digital Impressions


All the necessary adjustments

Including cost of bracket replacements due to breakages

What is not included?

Tooth extractions, if needed

Special appliances, if needed

Non-braces procedures eg cleaning, fillings

Braces payment sequence

1. First appointment

Consultation $40-$80

If you decide to proceed with treatment, we will proceed to do your dental records. 

The first braces payment is collected $210 or $225

2. Second appointment

Braces Placement $210 or $225

3. Subsequent monthly appointments

Braces adjustment $210 or $225 per month

4. Treatment completion (Braces removal day)

Any balance of the braces treatment fees

Retainer fee $100 per jaw ($200 for one set)


What happens if my treatment takes longer than my payment plan?

Once your braces treatment fees are fully paid, no further payment is needed until the day you remove your braces. When you remove your braces, your retainer fees are collected.

What if my treatment ends before my payment plan?

Your fees are a fixed amount so you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs. If your treatment ends before full payment, the remaining braces treatment fee will be collected together with your retainers fee on the day of braces removal.

Are these prices truly affordable?

As a general comparison, here are some prices published by Singapore’s Ministry Of Health (in 2018). Do note that these prices excluded the initial consultation and X-rays. Some may also include prices by dentists who have not fully qualified as a specialist. In addition, it is common that a large deposit is required at the start of treatment.

CGH $4600 – $5000

KTPH $3,600 – $4,200

NDCS $3,221 – $4,462

You may also get an idea of braces costs here.

Want to find out if your case qualifies for the above price? Book your no-obligation first consultation online!

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