Frequently Asked Questions

Braces generally have better control of tooth movement and would thus give a better result. If you absolutely cannot accept the appearance of braces, aligners are an excellent alternative. Besides the aesthetic benefit, you can also remove aligners during meals and for brushing.

The end results are comparable between different systems as they work in a similar way. If you do not mind the look of metal braces, we recommended conventional metal braces. This is the most cost effective solution and the most widely used system in the world.

If you prefer something more aesthetic, you can consider ceramic versions of braces, either conventional or self ligating type. Self ligating braces are known to shorten your treatment time and reduce the pain you feel.

Most cost effective: Conventional Metal Braces

Cost effective aesthetic alternative: Ceramic, Iconix, Plastic Braces

Premium metal alternative: Self Ligating Metal Braces

Most premium aesthetic alternative: Self Ligating Ceramic Braces

The need for extractions depends on your condition. We usually take a conservative approach in managing your case to minimize the need for extractions. In general, if your teeth are very crowded or jutting out, you likely require extractions. 

Depending on your availability, you should be able to get your braces within 1 week after your first consultation if you come on weekdays. It might take longer if you choose Saturdays as they tend to be more packed.

You can actually get your braces as soon as your teeth are extracted. However, you may still experience some pain at the extraction site. For your comfort during the braces placement, we recommend you wait 2-3 days after your extractions.

It usually takes 30-40 minutes.

The braces are basically glued onto your teeth and should not feel painful. It is common to feel some pain a few hours later. Most people feel it is tolerable and do not take any painkillers.

The adjustments are usually once every month. It is fine to come a little sooner or later to suit your needs. However, extending the time between adjustments too much may compromise your treatment.

We get asked this very often but it really depends on the individual. Those who prefer a discreet look will choose silver or transparent while others go for brighter colours to express their personalities.

In general, you can start braces when all your milk teeth have exfoliated. This is usually around age 11-12 years old. You may need to wait and monitor your growth if you show signs of unfavourable growth patterns, such as a long lower jaw. For such cases, it is advisable to allow the jaws to grow fully before assessing the severity of the condition and prescribing the appropriate treatment plan.

There is usually no large down payment needed if you choose conventional metal braces. The fees are split into equal payments to make basic braces treatment accessible to more people. However if you choose other braces systems (eg ceramic or self ligating), you will be required to pay the additional fee on the day the braces are placed.

There is also a lump sum collected when you start clear aligner treatments. The amount depends on your case. It ranges from $2000 to $4600.

Retainers are always necessary because your teeth have a tendency to relapse after your braces are removed. In fact, your teeth position may also change with time even if you did not have braces treatment. We recommend that you wear your retainers long term to minimize major changes to your teeth position.

Most cases take between 1 to 2 years although some cases may take much longer (3 to 5 years). The treatment duration is affected by several factors including the complexity of the case, the age of the patient, frequency of broken appliances and how fast or slow your teeth move. Such factors are beyond the control of your orthodontist. As such, a case that appears simple may take longer than one that looks complicated. By planning your treatment sequence properly and using efficient tooth movement mechanics, our orthodontist can complete your case in the shortest time possible.

You should contact us for advice on what to do. In general, if the issue does not cause pain and if you are busy, you may leave it until your next braces appointment.

Yes we are.

Medisave cannot be used for braces treatment in any clinics.