Non-Extraction Preferred

Why you need extractions

2 Main reasons

1. Front teeth jutting out

2. Dental crowding

Conservative approach: Save teeth when possible

At Bracesaurus, we lean towards treatment without extractions when there is a chance that it can be done. In such “borderline” cases, we recommend starting treatment without extractions and reassessing your smile and bite after the initial alignment.

However, in our local context, extractions are commonly done as part of orthodontic treatment. The teeth that are commonly extracted are your premolars, which are in front of your molars (the big teeth). It is normal to extract up to 4 premolars.

The main reason for extractions is to create more space in the jaw. These spaces are closed by the end of treatment so there is no need worry about requiring a false tooth. In general, you will likely require extractions if your front teeth juts out a lot, or if your teeth are very crowded.

Front teeth Jutting out

If your front teeth are jutting out, chances are you will require extractions. This is to create space for your front teeth to shift to. Without extractions, your teeth will look straight but still jut out.

Dental Crowding

When your teeth are very crowded or misaligned, extractions are needed to create space to “spread out” the remaining teeth. Otherwise, your front teeth will jut out after straightening. This will not look nice and may also cause gum recession.

Experience is important

It is very important to see someone experienced to determine if you require extractions. Some cases can be misleading at the onset and wrongful extractions can be detrimental to you. These are some situations where a non-extraction plan can be explored:

  1. Your teeth are only midly jutting out
  2. Your teeth are jutting out or crowded but your dental arch is narrow
  3. Your teeth are crowded but they are leaning inwards