Do you have any of these problems?
Braces can help!

It is common for you to have a combination of these problems. Besides looking unattractive, these problems may lead to functional issues (eg speaking and chewing). Some may make it harder for you to fight gum disease and dental decay.

Crooked teeth
Do your teeth look messy?

Braces can even out your dental crowding!

Spaces between teeth
Are there space between your teeth?

Braces can close these space or optimize them for false teeth!

Tetth jutting out
Do your teeth stick out?

Braces can correct your buck teeth!

Is your bite in reverse?

Braces can get your teeth onto the correct side!

Deep Bite
Are your lower teeth hidden by your upper?

Braces can “open up” your deep bite!

Teeth not touching in the front
Are your front teeth not touching?

Braces can close your open bite!

Jaw Surgery with Braces
Do you have misaligned jaws?

Braces combined with jaw surgery can help!