Looking for an Orthodontist in Singapore? The guide to a more “complete” way.

So you’ve finally decided to get dental braces to sort out your crooked teeth. That’s awesome because straightening your teeth has many benefits beyond just cosmetic.

This article assumes you’ve done your research and know the difference between a normal dentist and a certified orthodontist and you’ve made up your mind that you prefer to see a specialist to do your braces. So we’ll go straight to how to find an orthodontist in Singapore.

Word of mouth

Some will ask their friends for recommendations. This is a good way since you get a first hand account of their experience. However this limits your options because you do not find out what your other options are. Sometimes their recommendation may not be suitable for you due to your budget or the location. And what if they say “my dentist is not really that good….”?

Sponsored Ads

You may also Google (ie using search engines) for an orthodontist but you need to be discerning about what pops up on your search results. The “sponsored” results are essentially paid advertisements. This means that a clinic can pay to be seen when you search a certain keyword. So you may see ads from normal dentists even if you use the search terms “orthodontist” or “braces specialist”. Don’t worry, you will learn how to check if a dentist is a specialist below.

“Organic” search results

Some people do not trust sponsored ads since they are paid and prefer the so-called “organic” results. However, not all the top results are truly “organic”. As you might know, there is a whole industry on getting businesses to the top of the first page on Google searches. Many clinics pay marketing agencies to get them to the top of the list by leveraging on Google’s search algorithm. Does it mean they are not good? No, but it gives you a different perspective when you take this into consideration. Hence, some people have a habit of clicking to “page 3 or 4” to get a more balanced sense of what is out there.


And “listicles”? It is understandable if it is a food blog where the blogger has sampled all the food he is writing about. But for braces treatment? Do you really trust that the writer has experienced braces treatment from the “10 Best Clinics for Dental Braces (Orthodontics) in Singapore”? Yeah…you guess it. Gone are the early days of “i eat i shoot i post” where people genuinely just want to share their experiences with other people. Blogs have been monetized to the point that you may end up with hypertension with the “pinches” of salt you need to take with them. So for any kind of medical or dental treatment, skip the listicles.

Now, the more “complete” way

The results from the above methods are generally a bit biased, as you can imagine. Read on if you want an unbiased list of options for an orthodontist.

See “everyone”

To get a more “complete” and neutral information about your options for an orthodontist, start at the Singapore Dental Council’s website. Click on “Search FOR DENTIST/OHT”

On the next page, click these

  • Agree to terms of use
  • More Search Option
  • Selected Specialities
  • Orthodontics
  • Search

After clicking search, you will have a list if all the orthodontists registered in Singapore. You can click on “View more details” to check where the clinic is located and other information.

Search by region

You can also narrow your search to different regions and similarly clicking the relevant search criteria.

Check a specific dentist’s credentials

If you’ve found your dentist by other means, you can also run the name through the SDC website to check if he truly is an orthodontist. An orthodontist will have a section called “Registered Speciality” which indicates “Orthodontics”.

So there you go. The next part is of course to compare between your different options and selecting your orthodontist. (Coming soon)

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